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Year 6

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Please review this weeks remote learning work and learning offer for Year 6 children below.

Weekly additional non negotiable activities include: 

  • BBC Supermovers

    Description: A number of activities and videos aimed at primary aged children, linking physical activity challenges with other subject area

  • Key stages: key stage 1 and key stage 2


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Remote Learning Y6: w/c Monday 10th May 2021

Reading English SPaG Maths Rapid Review Theme
Monday 10th May

 Tomorrow, we are going to compare the characters of Dr Jekyll and Dr Frankenstein. Use your knowledge of Dr Frankenstein and the impression of his character as well as the attach impression of Dr Jekyll to create a similarities and difference table like the example below. 

Dr Jekyll impression

Table example

 Today, we are going to gather ideas for our newspaper article about finding Dr Frankenstein on the ice. Use chapter 1 and the example text to gather vocabulary for your newspaper article. Gather information about the setting, the creature on the ice, the doctor as well as speech what people might have said about the discovery. 

Example text. 

Chapter 1 and 2


 Use readiwriter to practise this weeks spellings - suffix -cious and -tious.

 We have been looking at equivalent percentage, decimals and fractions. Use the example to complete the fluency table for equivalent percentages and then complete the reasoning questions. 


Maths Task

 Complete the rapid review below. Show you methods of calculation

? - 37 = 325
14400 ÷ 12 =
364 ÷ 7 =
3/4 + 1/7 =
2512 ÷ 100 =
10 - 2.9 = 

 We are learning about school subjects in French this week. Use the PowerPoint to practise the French subjects and then find the french subject vocabulary in the wordsearch

French subjects

French wordsearch

Tuesday 11th May

Today, use your ideas collect about the similarities and differences between Dr Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll and add them to the spray diagram below. In the middle boxes will be the similarities and the differences will be under the headings for each doctors

Template for the spray diagram

 Recap some grammatical terms here! 

Follow the link to the website and choose some word classes that you're unsure of.


Practise your spellings here!



Today, we are going to look at manipulating fractions, decimals and percentages. Look at the reasoning questions carefully. Read the question and pick the correct calculations. 


Maths Task




Today's rapid review...

? - 56 = 325
12100 ÷ 12 =
364 ÷ 4 =
3/4 - 1/6 =
2512 ÷ ? = 25.12
10 - 2.9 =
20% of 400 =
2 1/2 - 11/4 =
1/4 x 240 = 



This afternoon, we are looking at the effect of the climate on the resources in the rainforest. 

Read the information about the rainforest and how climate affects the resources. 

Information about the rainforest 


Wednesday 12th May

For today's reading, reread chapter 1 and 2 of Frankenstein. Summarise the key points of the chapters with less than 3 sentences per chapter. Then, as we leave Dr Frankenstein ready in his lab, make a prediction about what you think will happen next.

Chapter 1 and 2

 This week, we will be writing a news paper report about the mysterious findings of Captain Walton's crew in the Arctic. Today, I would like you to focus on writing your witness statements. I have attached the example text for you to use as a guide. You need two pieces of speech. The first witness will describe the finding of Dr Frankenstein on the ice whilst the second witness will describe the unbearable cold and how Dr Frankenstein was reluctant to get on the ice. Remember to punctuate the speech correctly.


 Practise your spelling on readiwriter. This weeks spellings are the suffix -cious adn -tious. All passwords should be in your reading journals. 


Login in here 

 Today, we are going to review what we have learnt so far for equivalent decimals, percentages and fractions. Complete the task below which include fluency with converting between them and complete the reasoning question. Remember to read the question carefully. 


 Today's rapid review. Complete each question, showing your method for working out. 

783 - ? = 475
6400 ÷ 8 =
1981 ÷ 7 =
1/6 + 2/5 =
513.7 ÷ ? = 5.137
8 - 1.6 =
25% of 5000 =
1 1/5 + 2 2/10 =

 This year's rugby league world cup is coming to our area. As a year group, we are going to record a video about why people should come to Wigan. Choose your favourite place in our local area to go and explain why people should visit this location. Draw a picture of your favourite place. 

Thursday 13th May

Today, I would like you to read chapter 3. Watch the video to explore fluency and expression as well as unfamiliar words in the text. After, complete the glossary attached. 

Chapter 3



Today, we are going to focus on the first paragraphs for our writing. Attached is an example of the plan it format with vocabulary. Today, I would like you to watch the video which explores taking the ideas from the plan and models writing. Then, write the first 4 paragraphs, 5w's introduction, detailed 5w's, why was Frankenstein there, first witness statement. 


Plan example

Example text


Practise your spelling on readiwriter. This weeks spellings are the suffix -cious adn -tious. All passwords should be in your reading journals. 


Login in here 


Then, use your spelling in a sentence to explain the context. 

Today, we are going to compare fractions, decimals and percentages. Remember, to be able to compare, they need to be in the same format. Watch the video for an explanation of how to complete and then complete the task below. 



Today's rapid review. Complete each question, showing your method for working out.

 ?- 428 = 4631
3600 ÷ 4 =
1821 ÷ 6 =
1/5 x 4 =
5.7 x ? = 5700
13 - 5.7 =
51% of 900 =
836 x 27 = 

This afternoon would have been PE. Let's get up and active. Use the link to complete the warm up. Then, test your sporting knowledge with a sports kahoot quiz. Use your correct name so that the when you complete, we can sign you off the register. 

Warm up


Friday 14th May

Today, re - read chapter 3. Video yourself reading a page focusing on the expression in your voice. Then, look at the statements in the task and and decide whether the statements are true or false. Remember to read the statements carefully as they are summarised points from the text. 

Chapter 3

True or false statements

Today, we are going to finish off our writing for Frankenstein. Use the plan example to finish off the last 4 paragraphs. Watch the video that models how to transfer the ideas into a paragraph and then finish the writing. 


Plan example

Example text

Today is the spelling test. Watch the video for this week's spelling and mark with the answers and submit your scores on dojo.


Today's rapid review. Complete each question, showing your method for working out.

7428 - ? = 4631
5600 ÷ 7 =
2342 ÷ 6 =
2/5 x 7 =
5700 ÷ ? = 5.7
12 - 5.7 =
27% of 400 =
836 x 12 = 

Today, we are going to look at decisions. Watch the video that explores decisions and how to make informed, appropriate decisions and then read and pick 2 of the scenarios below and follow the traffic light system explained to describe what you would do. 



Traffic light decisions

Remote Learning Y6: w/c Monday 17th May 2021



Reading Maths Rapid Review Theme

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