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Welcome to our online classroom. Here you can access your child's lessons when they are absent from school due to coronavirus

Year 2

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Year 2

Please review this weeks remote learning work and learning offer for Year 2 children.

Weekly additional non negotiable activities 

  1. BBC Supermovers

    Description: A number of activities and videos aimed at primary aged children, linking physical activity challenges with other subject area.

    Key stages: Key stage 1 and Key stage 2

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    Year 2 - Remote Learning Challenge Table

    Choose One Challenge from each colour category everyday to engage with at home. Please ensure you are uploading all the amazing challenges you do on Dojo.

    Write a letter to Miss Clee, to introduce yourself. Also, tell Miss Clee one thing you're excited about in Year 3 and also include any worries you may have.

    Complete the
    following 2 digit + 2 digit calculations:

    24 + 61 =
    32 + 46 =
    29 + 28 = 
    19 + 56 = 

    Draw a picture of your
    favourite place and include a short sentence on why this is your favourite place.

    Play ‘Phonics Frog’ by
    clicking on the following link:


    Create a journey stick. Go on a walk or in your garden and collect natural objects. For example, sticks, leaves acorns etc. Create a piece of art using these
    objects only.

    Create an obstacle course in your garden by completing the following tasks: 20 Star Jumps, 20 Rabbit Hops, 20 Jumps. Complete as many times as you want to.

    Write a letter to Miss Sayer and tell her what your
    favourite thing about Year 2  has been.

    Read your favourite story to your chosen person at home.

    Hide your chosen treasure and create a treasure map for someone at home to follow and find them. Can you become a pirate for the day?

    Practice your final spelling list for Year 2, following Readiwriter and the homework website.

    Shape hunt time! Can you collect a variety of objects (both 2D and 3D shapes) and sort into the correct shape category?

    Create a poem on your chosen theme. For example: Summer, food, friends, school etc.

    Play hit the button, focusing on your 2, 3, 5 and 10 TImestables.

    Write a letter to Mrs
    Darbyshire to explain why you love coming to Platt Bridge Community School and what your favourite thing about it is.

    Play ‘Alien Escape’ to practice your phonic sounds.

    Complete the
    following 2 digit - 2 digit calculations:

    44 - 21 =
    59 - 23 =
    23 - 14 = 
    32 - 15 =

    Set up a hopscotch track in your back garden.

    Create your own shop!
    Using your money subject knowledge, collect objects from around the house and create your own shop for people to come and buy them.

    Using a ball, throw the ball against a wall or fence and practice catching the ball with 2 hands when it returns. To make it trickier throw the ball against the wall with one hand.

    Create a friendship poster. Create a poster to explain all the kind behaviours we show towards our friends and what it means to be kind.

    Start to create your own summer diary. Set a task to complete a summer diary ready to bring back into Year 3 and show Miss CLee and 3B what exciting activities you have done.

    Engage with some Cosmic Yoga to relax the mind and body.

    Play ‘Word Pairs’ to practice reading words and your phonic sounds.

    Draw a picture of the weather
    outside today.

    Write a letter to the current Year 1s to make them feel happier about coming into Year 2 and not to be

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